Krazy Kat Lovers in Kanada Excerpts: “The devastation and damage they’ve caused is incredible,” says longtime resident Jane Flanders, 55. “I have to clean out half a recycling bag full of feces from my front lawn all the time. … They’re killing all the songbirds in my backyard.” _____ “Trap-neuter-return” (TNR), the city’s de facto policy for dealing with cat overpopulation in recent years, officially becomes part of the animal bylaw Thursday. Whereas a 311 complaint used to get homeless tabbies “locked up in shelters,” says Animal Services vet Esther Attard, “now the policy is we’ll trap them, sterilize them and return them back to their location of origin” — even if that’s right beside your house. _____ “A city-backed group should care about the ramifications in the neighbourhood,” says resident Anna Dewar, a policy analyst who worries about the constant cat feces in her backyard, where her daughter plays. “They didn’t even consult with us or entertain the opportunity of relocating the colony.” _____ But for now, neighbourhoods must learn to co-exist with their community cats. “You don’t have to like cats,” says Denise Harkins, president of Action Volunteers for Animals, part of the coalition. “But they are entitled to live just as much as human beings are.” _____
Dr. Liana Zanette, a University of Western Ontario professor who studies wildlife populations, says it’s unfair the public has no say in whether TNR should become part of the city’s bylaw.

“Usually, if there’s an environmental problem, then there’s an environmental impact assessment and a public decision should be made about what to do,” she says.


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What happens after TNR fools have hijacked your lives.

Here's what I usually tell everyone after TNR cat-hoarders have hijacked your homes, lives, lands, lawmakers, and community. (edit: Not you, Ted. You're well aware of how they operate now.) They do this first by manipulating everyone into making your shelters into no-kill shelters that rapidly fill-up and eventually lose all funding (through their ever-popular cyber-bullying tactics that they use worldwide; they do it because they know it works, and because you're all too astoundingly stupid and you let them manipulate you so easily). Then you have no recourse but to let the rest of their disease-infested native-wildlife-destroying cats take over your whole community, while they promote their failed TNR con-game. They WILL own you. (Google for (include quotes): "The TNR CON-GAME" to get your first brief look at all the blatant lies and deceptions that propel this TNR hoax.)

You might as well read this and weep now, so I can say, "Told you so!" later.

Just wait until some psychotic TNR cat-hoarder starts to hoard feral cats on their or your own property in your neighborhood. Then they'll file lawsuits against you should any of THEIR cats not show up one day. Even writing letters to the editor claiming how you killed all their cats -- dragging your name through the mud. You don't even have to be aware of their cats or any of them that died, it'll still be YOUR fault.

They don't claim ownership of feral cats for legal reasons, but should one of their TNR'ed cats die then THEIR cat's death is everyone else's fault. They'll torment and persecute you as long as they are able.

They'll even post your photos, phone numbers (home and business), and addresses (home and business) across the whole internet. It's their standard-issue net-bullying method. It's precisely how they got the situation to how it is now. They do it because it works and you're all too stupid to let them manipulate you so easily into allowing their TNR con-game into your communities. (aside: Sign-up to their online cyber-stalker and cyber-bullying websites and befriend them, you learn much. LOL)

Pretty naive about this manipulative TNR game they play, aren't you.

One TNR cat-hoarder last year even painted "CAT KILLER" signs on all her neighbor's properties when her cats started dying off from cats' diseases or being ran over by cars.

You thought feral-cats are a problem? Wait until you have a TNR cat-hoarder in your neighborhood.

Feral cats don't have a lawyer -- but YOU'LL be needing one to defend yourself against the TNR cat-lickers.

The best you can do now is to destroy every last stray cat on your properties as quickly and quietly as possible before TNR advocates get wind of any cats being there. Otherwise you can kiss your own life good-bye if they find any cats around. They'll be controlling you and your life just as long as they are able to convince everyone why those cats deserve to be there.

Finally! Even the CDC is saying what everyone's been saying!

Cool. HSUS and ASPCA and PetCo and PetSmart and anyone that they award TNR grants to are now in direct violation of findings by the CDC. (Like this is any surprise? They all make money by exploiting the suffering of animals, why on earth would they try to end that? Of course they're going to support TNR!)

Conclusions on all TNR practices now direct from the CDC --


Domestic cats are an important part of many Americans' lives, but effective control of the 60-100 million feral cats living throughout the country remains problematic. Although trap-neuter-vaccinate-return (TNVR) programmes are growing in popularity as alternatives to euthanizing feral cats, their ability to adequately address disease threats and population growth within managed cat colonies is dubious. Rabies transmission via feral cats is a particular concern as demonstrated by the significant proportion of rabies post-exposure prophylaxis associated with exposures involving cats. Moreover, TNVR has not been shown to reliably reduce feral cat colony populations because of low implementation rates, inconsistent maintenance, and immigration of unsterilized cats into colonies. For these reasons, TNVR programmes are not effective methods for reducing public health concerns or for controlling feral cat populations. Instead, responsible pet ownership, universal rabies vaccination of pets and removal of strays remain integral components to control rabies and other diseases.

(end summary, bold emphasis mine)

It's about time the CDC finally dragged their heads out of their asses and told everyone what I and everyone else have been telling everyone FOR YEARS.

Maybe now all those fools who practice TNR CAT-HOARDING will be finally thrown in prison cells, right where they've belonged all along for being a direct threat to the health of all life on earth and the very existence of nature itself -- crimes against all of nature and all of humanity. The punishment used to be "hanged until dead" for charges like that. Maybe we can bring that punishment back. I'll be the first to vote "yes" on it for anyone who promotes or practices TNR anywhere in the world.

TNR Illegal in VA

"It is my opinion that a locality lawfully may operate a capture and sterilization program for the purpose of controlling a population of feral cats. The feral cats may be captured in a humane fashion, and such captured cats may be sterilized by a licensed veterinarian. The feral cats, however, may not be released by the locality back to the location from whence they came or some other location in the wild." Kenneth Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General,

Commonwealth of Virginia

Legal Issues

I hope you'll feel better the next time you have to broach these issues in publications with the extra credentials behind your words (and that those publishing your works will finally grow some stones).


After I found out that it was perfectly legal to humanely shoot cats (after reading years of lies from online cat-lickers), I also found out that stray cats have been listed as "vermin" in the USA since the early 1900's. This is why all rural residents generally have no problem keeping cats' populations in check.


Did you also know that if a species is listed as "vermin" that any and all poisons can also be used on them legally?


Though I still promote those poisons that are extremely species specific (Lilium plants or acetaminophen) if people have no other recourse. However, even that isn't the right way to do it. You really need to find methods that are clean and hygienic so that cats won't kill native wildlife with all their deadly diseases even after their deaths. (Like the starving few remaining native predators on my own lands that died after I fed them a shot-dead cat. I wish I had known then what I know now about all the deadly diseases that cats harbor and spread to all other life. Cats truly are complete and total wastes of flesh. They can't even be used to feed wild animals safely. Leaving ANY cat, alive OR dead, out in nature is no better than intentionally poisoning your native wildlife to death. I'll never make that error again.)


Humanely destroy, retrieve, hygienically dispose. If the most humane method (a well aimed .22) is not feasible, then weigh the amount of suffering that cats bring to thousands of wildlife to the suffering one cat might experience by using less humane methods. Those really need to be the course of actions. (e.g. no disease-filled shotgun splatter, the tool of choice in the past, cleanly with a rifle is best)


 I so dearly wish that humanity would mature beyond their 5-year-olds' bambi-cartoon-educated levels in life. But since the majority on the net still are mommy's-basement-dwellers ... I won't get my hopes up.


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