Feral Cat Trapped in Albatross Colony

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How many cats 1 person must kill to match cats' breeding rates.

 I did a scary math experiment last year (which I've not mentioned to many since then). I wanted to find out just how many new feral cats were being born from the (then) present feral cat populations in the U.S.A. I ran population growth calculus against the population of stray cats in the USA and compared it to the human population. Then, to find out how many cats must be destroyed by each person of legal gun-wielding age in the USA (age 10 and up, no infirm seniors, gut-estimating for how many people are frightened of using any gun, it came to about 1/4th to 1/3rd of the human population (mostly due to many more infants than elders)), to see how many cats would have to be shot by each person capable of doing so, Just to catch up to the cats' birth-rates -- not surpass cats' birth-rates mind you, just to catch up to cats' breeding rates (meaning this many would have to (last year) been destroyed by each person who could do so on into perpetuity).

Last year, not this year when the problem became exponentially worse (by a factor of nearly 10); each and every person in the U.S.A. who could legally shoot a gun and take down cats with it would have had to destroy at least 31 cats each last year. Just to catch-up to cats' breeding rates.

And if someone who could do so refused to do their civic duty and destroy that many cats last year, then they had to hope that their cat-shooting neighbor would take-up their irresponsible slack for them -- their more responsible neighbor would have had to shoot at least 62 cats each last year. More than 1 per week.

And mind you, this was to only stop cats' populations from growing even further. Each and every resident of the U.S.A. who could shoot a gun would have had to destroy more than 31 cats each last year to start to slow their breeding rates. About 1 cat per week. (Multiply that by a factor near to 10 this year.)

Does that help to put the problem in the proper perspective and give it the urgency-to-act that it deserves?

Scary, ain't it. I suspect we're all going to eventually drown under a sea of disease-infested invasive species cats at the rate we are actually solving the problem.

Also applicable to prove TNR will fail and is a fail.

It is interesting to note too, that it would take 1/4th to 1/3rd of the human population (age 10 and up) to invest that much money into sterilizing cats to match their breeding rates. At the average cost across the country to TNR just ONE cat, coming in at about $140 per cat (transport, vetting, supplies, man-hours), at least 1/4th to 1/3rd of the human population would have had to invest AT LEAST 31 X $140 to start to make TNR the least bit effective. That's only $4,340 per year. Everyone can afford that for these cats, right? It's far easier to consider the cost of .22's on sale at $0.03 per cat. That's something that every individual and community can actually afford.

OH wait. I'm estimating those costs on last year's calculus projections for cats' birth rates. This year each person (of gun-weilding age) would have to invest about $35,000.00 to $40,000.00 to try to make TNR work. Mere chump change. I think if you ran those calculations across the planet, you would find that it would cause a global economic collapse for an economy that has no global-reserve-bank to prevent just such a collapse. Yeah, better find your ammo on sale instead.
(Are NONE of the universities' sociology & economics departments working on this problem? Or maybe they already have and decided it's a lost cause. Maybe they found out what I found out and just don't want to tell anyone. It's far easier for everyone to just ignore the problem exists or just remain sitting on the fence waiting for someone else to actually solve it for them, isn't it.)

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