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http://www.activistangler.com/journal/tag/florida-defenders-of-the-environment http://www.activistangler.com/journal/tag/cross-florida-barge-canal http://www.activistangler.com/journal/tag/rodman-reservoir http://www.activistangler.com/journal/tag/save-rodman-reservoir http://www.activistangler.com/journal/2011/1/23/help-save-rodman-reservoir.html#comments The St. Johns-Ocklawaha River Basin's Native STRIPED BASS and RODMAN DAM:

The endemic "STRIPERS" of the St. Johns-Ocklawaha River basin, without any doubt, have suffered the most because of the September 30, 1968 completion of RODMAN DAM. STRIPED BASS must have access to approximately 50 free-flowing, uninterrupted miles of large, swift-moving stream (current) during the late winter or early spring of the year in order to naturally reproduce successfully. Replacement stocks of St. Johns River basin STRIPERS have been hatchery produced for over 40 years now and are not stocked into the Ocklawaha upstream of the dam that created Rodman Reservoir. The free-flowing (before Rodman Dam was built) 56-mile Silver-Ocklawaha River system was the only suitable spawning (and hatching) habitat of STRIPED BASS in the entire St. Johns River drainage. All the way back in 1961 it was determined by fisheries biologists that only two river systems in the whole state of Florida contained native breeding populations of STRIPERS: those two drainages were the Apalachicola-Chipola and the St. Johns-Ocklawaha. It troubles me greatly that an excellent conservation and fishing organization--BASS--which has done many noble things for both bass FISH and anglers--continues to support the retaining of Rodman a.k.a. Kirkpatrick Dam for the production of largemouth bass ("largemouths" reproduce naturally in lacustrine or riverine freshwaters of all 67 Florida counties). Rodman Dam is the structure that prevents the natural reproduction of STRIPED BASS in the St. Johns-Ocklawaha Rivers. I ended my BASS membership decades ago to support the restoration of stream-bred Florida native STRIPERS.

"Ocklawahaman" Paul Nosca
February 11th, 2013


Paul R. Nosca
Data Processing Administrator - SES (Retired),
Florida Department of Financial Services
& Veteran, Finance Corps, U.S. Army

The canoeing "Ocklawahaman"

“Ocklawahaman” Paul Nosca, who strives for accuracy and honesty, worships zealously a more natural Ocklawaha River Valley that includes the restoration of the 56 river miles from Silver Springs to the St. Johns as a free-flowing stream. He is a member of NO environmental organization but volunteers his Ocklawaha experience, observations, research, & sources to groups that share his zeal for this old “crooked river”. “Ocklawahaman” has fished, hunted, & explored the Florida outdoors since 1962. More of his outdoor time has been spent in the Ocklawaha River Basin than anywhere else.
http://sites.google.com/site/ocklawahaman/ https://sites.google.com/site/paulnoscasbassfishingphotos/ "There are lake fishermen, and there are river fishermen, and seldom do the twain agree!" - Author unknown.