Hal Herring to be Honored by NWF

Special Achievement – Hal Herring

Hal Herring is an award-winning journalist and contributing editor at Field and Stream magazine. He has written for publications that range from the Atlantic Monthly and the Economist, to High Country News and Conservation Magazine, to Creative Nonfiction and Orion, and specializes in deeply reported, long-form journalism stories and essays with a primary focus on conservation.

Through Field and Stream, Hal covered two of the "Best Wild Places" tours, a partnership between the magazine and Trout Unlimited, which drew attention to our country's best public lands sporting destinations and described the persistent threats to these places. Hal wrote for Field and Stream about fishing and hiking Colorado’s Roan Plateau, where natural gas drilling threatens native Colorado River cutthroat trout, and about horsepacking into the Clearwater country of north-central Idaho, home to the largest swath of unprotected backcountry left in the Lower 48. Hal has been a leading advocate for NWF’s Vanishing Paradise program, a campaign to unite the national sportsmen’s and women’s community behind restoration of the greatest wetlands complex in our country, and has authored numerous articles and stories on Mississippi River Delta restoration and coastal Louisiana land loss.

Hal’s work has helped to ensure that these issues, and the efforts of dedicated conservation professionals, citizen volunteers, and scientists to address them, are understood by the millions of people who are directly affected. A common thread in his work is one of the most basic ideas in conservation: that human beings exist within, and depend upon, the great net of ecology, that one cannot tug one string without moving the entirety, and that our everyday lives, our children’s lives, and our heritage are directly affected by how we conduct ourselves in relationship to the natural world that sustains all life on our planet.

A lifelong outdoorsman, mountaineer, hunter and fisherman, Hal lives with his wife and children in Augusta, Montana.