mean-spirited, stupid and soulless “sportsmen’s” groups

From my pal Dave Petersen. Well said:

Growing tired, once again, of mean-spirited, stupid and soulless “sportsmen’s” groups and individuals who can’t rise beyond scapegoating complex problems on predators, a few weeks ago I posted this blog ...

And now this extensive scientific summary, linked below, sent to me today by a fellow BHA member with the introductory words of wisdom ...

For those who care about the future of mule deer the following paper
summarizes the reasons why mule deer are in trouble. I know this may conflict
with ideas of many who become instant biologists when they buy a hunting

It takes a while to read through, but if you do, you’ll understand why exterminating predators is far from a final solution and in fact merely a crumb on the plateful of problems. In fact, WE are the primary predators of all wildlife, for the myriad reasons spelled out in the report. Dave P.