Wyoming Wolves Untrapped

It's time to focus once again on these words of wisdom shared with us about the indefensible cruelty of sport trapping:

Hunting is as old as life itself. Hunting to feed self and family is how it all began. However, contemporary predator "hunting" has little to do with feeding family - it is simply an "ego hunt". It feeds nothing more than the killer's ego and as such has no moral basis to continue. Particularly in this modern age - and I mean an age where moder...n, science-based decisions should run the show. No longer can self-defense and putting food on the fire be used as the excuse to hunt large predators. And science is building a very defensible case documenting the value of having large predators interacting in every way with our living earth. But it seems we are deep in an age where any science that does not support a particular prejudice or outcome is dismissed and ignored. Statements become facts if repeated enough times regardless of science-based evidence to the contrary. A friend related an episode that occurred at a Wyoming Game and Fish meeting where after a biologist's detailed presentation an audience member said: "Stop talking about science, just tell me the facts"!

Regarding wolf trapping, I ask- what good sportsman would shoot an elk or deer wounding it and wait two or three days before tracking it and finally killing it? That is what trapping is about - capture whatever is lured into the trap and wait a day or two or three and then go kill the poor beast. That is not sportsmanship. That is indefensible cruelty. When will true sportsmen and women stand up and say "sport trapping” of large predators is no longer tolerated in our society?

It is time to embrace life, all of life and protect it as never before. And it is time to thank each life given to us for our sustenance and rebel against life taken for wasteful, ego purposes.
Just a thought-

--Franz Camenzind