Dam Saving Bill

The Merced River is one of the most beautiful rivers in California and
world famous for its swift and steep course through the Yosemite
Valley. It is a stunning river that draws nearly 3.5 million visitors
each year.

But right now, the Merced is in danger from a bill trying to
"de-designate" it as a protected Wild and Scenic River in
order to raise a dam.

Contact your Representative today. This bill is a terrible precedent
that would be bad for the environment and could lead to reversing
protections for Wild and Scenic Rivers nationwide. http://act.americanrivers.org/site/R?i=cJflzEd3UKCJ9asos3cFCw The purpose of raising the dam is to allow the irrigation district to
store additional water. Proponents say that the bill is needed in
order to study the environmental impact of raising the dam. However,
studies and state review can occur without HR 934.

This bill could be up for a vote as early as this week. Please tell
your Representative to vote NO on HR 934 >> http://act.americanrivers.org/site/R?i=kUSra_ne9LOgj-DxLQERAw The free-flowing nature of the Merced River is important to the
multi-million dollar recreational economy that relies on the Yosemite
Valley. Raising the dam would also harm the limestone salamander,
which is fully protected under the California Endangered Species Act.
All of this is being put at risk for a little more water but not
enough for most people to notice in the face of natural variations in
weather and changing climate.

This bill is a serious threat to not only the Merced River, but Wild
and Scenic River protections nationwide. Please take action today. http://act.americanrivers.org/site/R?i=B2JPGSAyMGr-o8wKti9yhg For the rivers,

Steve Rothert
California Regional Director

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