Return to field' is the newest way to do TNR. Pulling cats OUT of shelters.

Bryan Kortis of Neighborhood Cats, who is also the Program Director for PetSmart Charities, is giving this same talk as a PetSmart Charities Webinar on May 30th.
He just gave the talk at the annual HSUS expo held in TN a few days ago.
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Cats Track: Cutting Edge of Community TNR: Targeted Spay/Neuter
Explore recent trends and developments in community Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) programs, including the use of targeted spay/neuter to maximize impact on intake and euthanasia rates; return-to-field programs which pull free-roaming cats directly out of shelters and, instead of euthanizing them, release them back into the community; and grassroots education programs designed to mobilize public participation in TNR. Implementing these strategies and funding opportunities will also be discussed.
Presenter: Bryan Kortis, Program Manager, PetSmart Charities