The Great Splake Debate

"Can you imagine a bunch of deer biologists sitting around saying, 'I bet if we got some deer together with some nice moose, we could grow some 500-pound bucks?' Of course not. It's absurd. When we have a problem with our deer herd, we address habitat and harvest

CATS: Environmental Extremists

Just because hackers, gougers, radical conservatives, and wise-use whackos claim to see "environmental extremists" behind every Coke machine, doesn't mean they don't exist. And CATS (not the kind that stink up my barn, but equally clueless

And Speaking of CATS and other Chemophobes Sabotaging the Restoration of Imperiled Trout

They're being assisted by, of all people, ANGLERS a certain breed of cat for whom "a fish is a fish" regardless of origin or genetic content, the conservation equivalent of Vichy French collaborators. For example, consider these brainless