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This piece, by one of the most respected hunting writers in the United States, gives the lie to those who proclaim that the public outcry against bear baiting is the work of the "antis" or that fair-chase bear hunting is too difficult and time-consuming

The War on Varmints

"That other wild creatures and domestic animals may live." The War on Varmints by Ted Williams The word "vermin" -- progenitor of "varmint" -- was hatched by game keepers on the grouse moors of England. "What isn't game must be vermin," went the dictum. Such

Panther Politics

Emblazoned on everything from license plates to a pro hockey team logo, the Florida panther is a popular symbol of the state's wild beauty. But when it comes to actually heeding sound science to save the endangered species' habitat, the public lacks the will

Management by Majority

Leave fish and wildlife management to the professionals--when they act professional.

Heard Around the Nation 7

A word about this regular section: It contains only outrageous, outlandish, and disturbing pontification. Any sensible, progressive, or intelligent statement will be instantly punted into cyberspace. Lovely folks, these motorheads. This from Dale Freitas, President

Dumb and Dumber

Thanks to my friend Shawn for letting me post this excellent piece. Published in Minnesota Outdoor News June 24, 2005 Points North Dumb and Dumber: Legislature, lobbies erode hunter safety By Shawn Perich Believe it or not, the Minnesota Legislature actually

What You Can See on March 24

From Audubon's Earth Almanac by Ted Williams and compiled in "Wild Moments," edited by Connie Isbell, Illustrations by John Burgoyne, Storey Publishing, 174 pages. Desert Jesters Monkey-like, nosy, noisy, gregarious, playful, busy, inquisitive,