Feral Cats Killing Whales

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Enough is beyond enough.

It was bad enough when the UK made their one and only NATIVE cat species extinct with their domesticated cats.
It was bad enough when the UK started to kill off all their inland river otters with their cats' parasites.
It was bad enough when they discovered that cats caused billions and billions of animal deaths yearly in North America from their predation on thousands of native species.
It was bad enough when all caretakers on Big Cat game-reserves around the world were warned to keep feral cats away from the native cats because they were dying from feline specific diseases spread by the domesticated cat.
It was bad enough when rare and endangered marine mammals along all Pacific coast-lines from North America to Australia were dying from cats' T. gondii parasites.
It was bad enough when they found that feline diseases spread by feral cats were killing off the Mountain Lions (Puma, Florida Panther, etc.) and other native cats of North America.
Now it's bad enough that their cats are now destroying some of the most majestic animals on earth.
I've said it before and I'll say it again -- every last domesticated cat needs to be wiped-off the face of this earth.
That's precisely what happened where I live. A .22 with a laser-sight and well-aligned scope is a wonderful accessory to have wherever cats are found. The eradication of hundreds of these vermin on my lands was so effective and complete that I've not seen even one cat in 4 years now. Nobody will ever get to blame me for having destroyed any valuable native wildlife with man-made cats. May everyone else be as fortunate one day where they live.

Dogs next

Filthy stinking shit-ridden slobbering pointless brainless things, dogs. Spread diseases to children, and attack 6,300 people a year in Britain alone, killing four a year, mostly children.

Wild birds won't breed where dogs are walked they're so loathed by the rest of the animal kingdom. My way of dealing with them is a Holland & Holland loaded with SSG, and to go for a head shot.

Obviously I'd never do that in public places. Of course not. There I just load lumps of steak with paracetemol....

Sir Henry Bufton Tufton


Well, Sir Henry:

Our wardens do shoot dogs when they’re unleashed and chasing deer.  But in the U.S. and Britain dogs are not much of a problem for wildlife because dog owners aren’t stupid enough to allow them to breed in the wild.  And, if dogs did breed in the wild, dog advocates wouldn’t be stupid enough to sustain them with Trap, Neuter and Re-abandon.  What’s more, dogs aren’t equipped to catch birds--they’re too clumsy and noisy.  I must say, however, that I was quite impressed with the way my 68-pound Brittany Cooper would break point, leap high, and snatch ruffed grouse out of midair.  The first time I saw him do it I thought the bird had been winged with shot.  The second time I took the bird out of his mouth, and it nearly lifted me off the ground.  They both went in my bag.  The only intelligent, effective and humane way to deal with feral cats is to euthanize them.  Shooting and trapping don’t work because cats learn to avoid traps and gunmen.  Poisoning the way the Aussies do it is the only real solution. That, alas, is a fact that the public doesn’t want to know.


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