Let's Stop Our Losing Streak

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He is right...

When I clicked on the link for this story, I wasn't sure what I was going to find.
What I did find was the absolute truth.
Sportsmen like to talk about what's wrong; it is time for them to stop talking, walk away from their keyboards and do something.
My particular arena is salt water fisheries management.  People are always quick to say that I and my colleagues should be trying to get this law passed, or change that regulations.  But ask them to pitch in a couple of bucks to the cause, or donate a few hours to attend some meetings and write some letters or--the ultimate sacrifice--attend a hearing that happens to coincide with the October full moon--and they suddenly go silent and slink away.
On the coast, particularly, sportsmen have a lot to lose in the next couple of years, as the recreational and commercial fishing industries work in concert to castrate the conservation provisions of federal fisheries law.  Anglers need to get mad and they need to get active; once stocks crash, it takes a long time to build them back again--if it is even possible to do so. 
We can do better than just complain once it's too late.

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