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Montana Public Land and Water
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There are many disturbing things going on which directly attack the public trust ownership of public lands in the West. Here are a couple of directly related items : First from Hellgate Hunters & Anglers Hellgate Hunters and Anglers

All Along The Watchtower There's a broken piece of the American mind running loose in the sagebrush. It's well armed, overly paranoid and willing to point guns at people they disagree with. We saw this kind of militant extremism during the standoff at the freeloader Cliven Bundy's ranch, illegal rides on illegal trails that were rightly closed to motorized traffic in order to protect archaeological sites, led by County Commissioners with apparently nothing better to do & now we see, again in Utah, where masked gun-men make threats to BLM employees just doing their job. All in the supposed fight against the tyranny of America's greatest legacy: Public Lands & the terrifying concept of having to work with your fellow American in order to achieve workable solutions to complex problems. Disagree with me? I'll point a gun at you. Have different politics than me? Point a gun, make a threat. Read More (This is good stuff !)

The Billings Gazette lays bare candidates' plans to sell off public lands. A big part of current political howling is the cry for the Feds to either sell the public lands or divest them to the states. Both ideas are somewhat delusional . Money from the sale to private parties would not be enough to make the tiniest dent in the Federal debt and would just further exacerbate the social problems caused by big outside money trying to buy up the West geographically and politically . Divestiture to the states is unconstitutional and far, far beyond the financial and management capabilities of a sparsely populated state like Montana . Here is the story :
The Billings Gazette published a survey of Montana candidates to the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives in its May 7, 2014 edition. The question they asked of the candidates was: Should federal public lands in Montana remain in U.S. ownership, or be sold to private owners or transferred to the state?

All but one of the candidates answered the question and thus put themselves firmly on the public record. Their responses are summarized below as a "box score" .

Box Score

Who would sell federal lands or divest to state ?

Candidates for U.S. Senate

U S Representative Steve Daines: Republican

Champ Edmunds: Republican

Roger Roots: Libertarian

Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives

Elsie Arntzen: Republican

Mike Fellows: Libertarian

Matt Rosendale: Republican

Corey Stapleton: Republican

Drew Turiano: Republican

Who would keep federal lands in federal management ?

Candidates for U.S. Senate

Dirk Adams: Democrat

John Bohlinger: Democrat

John Walsh: Democrat

Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives

John Driscoll: Democrat

John Lewis: Democrat

Who would consider specific proposals ?

Ryan Zinke: Republican

For the details or to confirm click the stories below : Billings Gazette Story on Senate Candidates Billings Gazette Story on House Candidates

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