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Saving Billfish, the Lions and Tigers of the Sea

Ken Hinman

National Coalition for Marine Conservation

Like many Americans, I was first introduced to the blue marlin by Ernest Hemingway in his classic 1952 novella, The Old Man and the Sea, which chronicles an existential battle between an old Cuban fisherman and a great fish longer than his boat.

Federal Court Upholds National Roadless Rule; Sportsmen Celebrate Conservation Victory

Decision by appeals court resolves uncertainty regarding 2001 rule,
safeguards the prime habitat provided by inventoried roadless lands

From Stripers Forever

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources recently announced that the 2011 Young of the Year (YOY) Striped Bass Survey is 34.6, the fourth highest measure of striped bass spawning success in the Chesapeake Bay in the survey’s 58-year history.

Trout Unlimited Supports Legislation to Address Virus Outbreak in Pacific Salmon

Alaska Director Praises Senators for Quick Action to Protect Wild Salmon

Juneau, Alaska -- Trout Unlimited today applauded quick action taken by Sens. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.,) Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska,) and Mark Begich (D-Alaska) to address the outbreak of infectious salmon anemia, a virus potentially deadly to wild Pacific salmon recently found in two sockeye smolts off British Columbia. This is the first time that wild Pacific salmon have ever tested positive for the disease.