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Farm Bill

With Congress Soon to Conference, Coalition Comments on Growing Conservation in the Farm Bill

Klamath water deal reached

Sez my pal: Do they really believe Mr. Buffett is going to voluntarily pull the
dams when he can still earn megabucks thru the generation of electricity by

Spiders on Drugs

Black-Footed Ferret Recovery Leader Retires in Frustration

After 32 years with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Mike Lockhart is calling it quits - in disgust. For the past eight years, he has headed the Black-Footed Ferret Recovery Team, which is charged with bringing one of the rarest mammals in North America back from the brink of extinction.

Federal scientist warns against water withdrawal


Whooping Crane Migration Enters Florida

Seventeen endangered whooping crane chicks and their surrogate parents-four
ultralight aircraft-today reached

Kroger ties to environmental group upset mining industry