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The Maryland Department of Natural Resources recently announced that the 2011 Young of the Year (YOY) Striped Bass Survey is 34.6, the fourth highest measure of striped bass spawning success in the Chesapeake Bay in the survey’s 58-year history.

Trout Unlimited Supports Legislation to Address Virus Outbreak in Pacific Salmon

Alaska Director Praises Senators for Quick Action to Protect Wild Salmon

Juneau, Alaska -- Trout Unlimited today applauded quick action taken by Sens. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.,) Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska,) and Mark Begich (D-Alaska) to address the outbreak of infectious salmon anemia, a virus potentially deadly to wild Pacific salmon recently found in two sockeye smolts off British Columbia. This is the first time that wild Pacific salmon have ever tested positive for the disease.

Save the Elwha Wild Salmonids

All Wild

We need your help at this critical time to protect wild steelhead and salmon and stop the release of non-native steelhead on the Elwha River!

The long-awaited dam removal on the Elwha River is finally underway, marking the culmination of a two-decade effort toward restoring salmon and steelhead to one of Washington's most pristine rivers. The Elwha dam removal will open up about 70 miles of protected river for spawning fish. These are exciting times and we should all celebrate!

Things Are Looking Up for Bristol Bay and Down for Pebble Mine

The Vote Is In!
Late last night, the final ballot was tallied for the Bristol Bay, Lake and Peninsula Borough's "Save Our Salmon" Initiative. In a day long, hand counted process, the election results were recorded. With the majority of votes resulting in the passage of the initiative (280 for - 246 opposed), the vote was clear, Bristol Bay residents value their renewable salmon resource and the habitat on which they depend.