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A pal in Iowa writes me as follows:

WVDNR and Native Brook Trout

WVDNR and Native Brook Trout
By Ernie Nester

Unfortunately, there are a few TU members who like to raise hell about the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR) stocking brown trout fingerlings in the East Fork of the Greenbrier River and criticize their management of our native brook trout fisheries in general. The East Fork of the Greenbrier has been stocked with brown fingerlings for many years with help by a few TU members and other citizens. The East Fork of the Greenbrier does hold native brook trout. There are approximately 600 native brook trout streams in West Virginia and I can think of 4 streams that hold natives (0.67%) that currently receive stockings of fingerling or adult trout by DNR.

President Obama Caves to Polluters


Tell President Obama:
I am extremely disappointed in your decision to delay vital clean air standards.

Last Friday, the Obama administration announced that it would be withdrawing the proposed updated national ozone standards, delaying until at least 2013 a safeguard that would protect our families from dangerous smog pollution.

In making this decision, the Obama administration has caved to big polluters at the expense of protecting the air we breathe. It is a huge win for corporate polluters and a huge loss for public health.