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Help Save "The Most Important Fish in the Sea"

Help Save "The Most Important Fish in the Sea"
Send a message to the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission today
in support of stronger conservation for menhaden, an important forage fish

The Situation

Menhaden, a key food source for many popular sportfish - especially striped bass - are the most important fish in the sea according to noted historian and author H. Bruce Franklin. Unfortunately, menhaden stocks have declined 88 percent over the last 25 years and are at their lowest abundance in recorded history.

Conservation, Recreation and Preservation Generate $1 Trillion Per Year for U.S. Economy

With unemployment rate still over 9 percent in the third quarter Labor Department jobs report, study illustrates job growth potential

WASHINGTON – Officials looking for cost-effective ways to stimulate the economy should look no further than out their own windows: That’s where the authors of a new economic study demonstrate that the great outdoors and historic preservation generate a conservative estimate of more than $1 trillion in total economic activity and support 9.4 million jobs each year.