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International SeaTurtle Swimway Proposed in Gulf of Mexico

International SeaTurtle Swimway Proposed in Gulf of Mexico > > > > The world's top sea turtle experts are calling on both the United > States and Mexico to provide more protection for the Kemp's ridley > sea turtles in the Gulf

Sportsmen fight for Wyo. habitats

The piece below is mostly good news, I guess. But an interesting question that doesn't get answered is: Why does Dessecker and his Ruffed Grouse Society have such great access to the administration? The answer, of course, is that they front for Big Timber,

The Ugly Swan

The Ugly Swan by Ted Williams From the Nov.-Dec. 1997 Audubon You can't see the ugliness of mute swans by looking at them. In fact, the 79 that paddled ahead of our pram on the blazing morning of August 1, 1997 were strikingly beautiful. Now in the molt, most

What You Can See on April 19

From Audubon's Earth Almanac by Ted Williams and compiled in "Wild Moments," edited by Connie Isbell, Illustrations by John Burgoyne, Storey Publishing, 174 pages. Underdogs Remove the black-tailed prairie dog from its niche in our western

Fisheries Currents

Science news from the American Fisheries Society Issue 2, April 2006 Welcome to the second edition of Fisheries Currents, a digest of newsmaking fisheries science articles from the journals of the American Fisheries Society. Each issue, highlighted articles