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The Wise-Use Movement

Thanks to Boone for his thoughtful comments on and useful link re. the Wise-Use Movement (see thread under "Do You Have a ‘Right' to Hunt and Fish"). He reminds me that the following piece I did for Harrowsmith County Life may be of interest.

Reauthorizing Magnuson

TRCP Marine Conservation Working Group Applauds Call to Action on Magnuson-Stevens Act WASHINGTON  Members of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership's Marine Conservation Working Group (MCWG) strongly support the message delivered today

Help Celebrate the Kennebec

On May 20th, 2006, The Spring Running will take place in downtown Augusta, Maine. The event will highlight the Kennebec River as a valuable resource in our lives, communities and businesses, and will celebrate the return of fish such as shad and alewives. It

Heard Around the Nation 6

A word about this regular section: It contains only outrageous, outlandish, and disturbing pontification. Any sensible, progressive, or intelligent statement will be instantly punted into cyberspace. This has my vote for the most disgusting screed I've

What You Can See on Marchg 8

From Audubon's Earth Almanac by Ted Williams and compiled in "Wild Moments," edited by Connie Isbell, Illustrations by John Burgoyne, Storey Publishing, 174 pages. Plumed Hunters The best tonic for those benighted souls who imagine that the

Do You Have a "Right" To Hunt and Fish?

An interesting issue has been raised in another thread. Is hunting (and fishing) a privilege or right? I did a quick Google search and found an overwhelming majority of credible sources (game and fish departments and hunter education outfits, for example) favoring


Who uttered the following words: "It is well known that predatory animals are continuing to eat the cream off the stock grower's profits…Whatever may have been the value of the work accomplished by bounty systems, poisoning, and trapping, individual or governmental,

Maines War on Coyotes

Maine's predator-control program is ill conceived, ineffective, and inhumane. What's more, it has turned an enlightened resource agency and its talented staff of wildlife professionals into a national laughingstock. Maine's War on Coyotes By