Cortland Reveals Four Lines, Indicator Mono

Cortland Indicator Mono Sighter

Cortland Line Company revealed four new, very targeted lines, each of which fills a very important niche.  The Trout Boss is Cortland's new ultra-premium trout line.  Built with a 65' front head with a color change to indicate the back of the taper, the line's jacket (the plastic part) also boats what Cortland is calling HDT--"heat dissipation technology" meant to help resist guide friction and help the guide stay slick.

Additionally, Cortland revealed an update to their clear polyethylene lines with the Liquid Crystal lines.  Nate Dablock of Cortland explained that the updated polyethylene coating has been reformulated to remain more supple at lower temperatures, allowing the line to resist twist and pushing it's usability much further north.

Next was the Competition Nymph, a pair of lines (which are not actually rated with a line weight per se) meant for up-close Czech, Spanish or French Nymphing.  To go along with the new line, Cortland is also releasing a color-changing "sighter" mono, which can be twisted around an object like a metal pen jacket, and then boiled, then cooled, to make a spring-like indicator (pictured).

Finally, Cortland added a much-needed Switch Line, which will help new switch casters appropriately match a line to their rod with a minimum of fuss.