Dept of Ecology: Removal of Condit Dam necessary to restore White Salmon River's health 2

Critical hurdles remain in path to restore river (Portland) -- Removing Condit Dam and restoring a free-flowing White Salmon River will have significant benefits to salmon and steelhead and overall river health, according to the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) released today by the Washington Department of Ecology.

The Peter A. A. Berle Environmental Integrity Award

The Century Foundation has established, in cooperation with the National Audubon
Society, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Environmental Defense Fund, the
Environmental Law Section of the New York State Bar Association, and former
colleagues of Peter A. A. Berle, a new award intended


Maybe we're all expecting too much from Obama, but this, well, makes me expect!

Memo to EPA Employees

DATE: January 23, 2009

TO: All EPA Employees

FROM: Lisa P. Jackson, Administrator-designate

I can think of no higher calling or privilege than rejoining

Vice Chair of American Rivers to serve as Deputy Interior Secretary

I got to know David well when I served on the board of American Rivers. He’s a super guy, highly intelligent and with all the right instincts. Salazar couldn’t have made a better choice.

Washington, DC – David Hayes, Vice Chair of American Rivers, the nation’s leading