Invading Lizard

This from a friend in the USFWS: A relatively new reptilian threat has emerged in Florida, and it should be part of any comprehensive plan for Florida invasives. The tegu lizard, Tupinambis merianae, is a large (to 4 feet) monitor-like lizard found regularly

Saltwater License for Delaware

Delaware's governor has signed a salt water license bill, which will be effective in 2008. The press release, along with the usual reaction, can be found in the below thread. ID=91232

Victory on the Presumpscot

After a 10-year fight to restore Maine's Presumpscot River, American Rivers and Friends of the Presumpscot River (FOP) have come to an agreement on a settlement framework with the S.D. Warren Paper Co., the Maine Department of Marine Resources and the


Superintendent Mike Murray stated today that the National Park Service (NPS) is currently evaluating and considering how to respond to the recent Court Order that was issued by U.S. District Court Judge Terrance W. Boyle on Tuesday, July 17, 2007. The order

TRCP Welcomes BLM Turnaround on Some Lease Plans

Looks to Agency for More Progress Group lauds BLM withdrawal of parcels to be leased in northeast Montana, cautions that conservation plan for big-game animals is still critical WASHINGTON - Only days after formally protesting plans by the Bureau of Land

Gill Net Waste