PBS Charged with Glorifying Baitfish Release

I just got a phone call from a reader in Arlington, Virginia--Ms. Jana West--who reported seeing an ad for a new kids PBS TV program called "PBS Sprout." The contents, says West, is as follows: A father and his young daughter are going fishing with

JOHN TIERNEY Needs to Read Silent Spring

JOHN TIERNEY Needs to Read Silent Spring before he writes about it. He also needs to research the alleged and nonexistent (in fact, counterproductive) effects of DDT and its evil sisters on insect-born disease. We heard this tired-out BS in the 1960s. I didn't

Letter on Farm Bill

The National Wildlife Federation sent the attached letter on public access and the Farm Bill to Congress last week. We've received quite a bit of interest in our proposal in various house and senate offices. June 1, 2007 The Honorable Chairman Tom Harkin United