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Sticky: My Past Articles

Scott Church has been kind enough to archive almost all my past articles. This was out of the blue. Thanks so much Scott! I really appreciate this. Remember I owe you a few striper trips to Cape Cod or albie trips to Montauk or, preferably, both.

Salmon People

Melissa Groo Audubon Grand Prize Winner

This just in from my friend Melissa Groo--an incredibly gifted and ethical wildlife photographer. Congrats Melissa and congrats to Audubon for getting this right!

Sportsmen Say Gardner-Stewart Sage-Grouse Bills Undermine Already Promising Results

Bills introduced yesterday call for an unprecedented and convoluted transfer of management WASHINGTON, D.C. – Sportsmen’s groups are deeply concerned with bills introduced in Congress yesterday that would give states the management authority over current or future sage-grouse restoration efforts, including those on federal lands.