Freshwater Game Fish of North America

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For 30 years we've been a leading voice in fly-fishing publishing, and now Fly Rod & Reel magazine has branched out to books with the release of Freshwater Game Fish of North America.

With two titles planned for this autumn—Game Fish… and In Hemingway's Meadow, stories from the annual Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award—Fly Rod & Reel Books will produce top-quality books unlike any others on the market today.

Freshwater Game Fish of North America: An Illustrated Guide: In text and illustrations, the author and artist Peter Thompson creates an essential guide for anglers and naturalists who care about fish and their environments. "Thompson's illustrations are fantastic—super-realistic, as if you can reach down and feel the relief in the scales of the fish," says Joe Healy of Fly Rod & Reel. "Plus, he offers updates on the conservation status of species and where we can find the fish throughout North America."


Thompson lives in Syracuse, New York, and often fishes the small streams of Central New York and the tributaries of Lake Ontario. He is also the author of Thompson's Guide to Freshwater Fishes and The Game Fishes of New England and Southern Canada.

From the Introduction to the new book, he writes:

 "This book is the result of my life-long fascination with fish. Explaining this fascination is difficult, at best. The amazing variety of colors, shapes, and behaviors of fish is the beginning of it, that and the fact that these creatures live very close to humans but in an element completely foreign to us. Although water is the basis of life on earth, it is still mostly a mystery to us. It makes excellent cover for fish and the other animals with which they share their habitats, and provides an element of mystery to all they do. We still know precious little about this all-important other world.

 "As any book of reasonable length can only do, this book just scratches the surface of what is known about the world of fish. It serves as a tool that an interested person can use as a springboard to further study and pursuit. As our blue/green planet changes, so change the habitats and lives of everything residing here. As global climate change becomes a widely acknowledged phenomenon, we can assume that the future of fish will change accordingly. Concern is already growing that even a small increase in the planet’s temperature will have a distinct negative impact on the trout and salmon of the world—or, perhaps species will further evolve and adjust to environmental changes. In any event, many factors contribute to the on-going health or possible demise of any species."

Praise for Freshwater Game Fish of North America:

"Deliciously rich illustrations inmued with attitude."—Jerry Gibbs, Outdoor Life magazine

"Peter Thompson's informative text and stunning illustrations show us the remarkable diversity of game species available in North America and, more importantly, remind us of what we cannot afford to forget—that all of them are intriguing and ultimately beautiful creatures."—Ted Leeson, author of Inventing Montana

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