Smith Techlite Sunglasses

Because good glasses are required fly-fishing equipment.

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Scientific instruments like telescopes and microscopes use glass lenses for a reason. Nothing can match the clarity, purity and optical acuity of precision ground glass. Using this same glass material, Smith Optics Techlite Polarized Glass offers unmatched optical clarity and crisp vision. This ultra lightweight, super-durable, extremely scratch resistant lens material uses ultrathin glass wafers chemically treated for shatter resistance. Techlite surpasses ANSI Z80.3 impact testing standards while remaining the lightest weight glass lens product on the market. High-quality glass lens material is just the start.

Smith Optics Polarized eyewear uses the highest quality polarized film in the world to filter out 99.9 percent of the visual static known as glare. A crucial factor when you’re trying to spot fish under the water’s surface. Exactingly pre-shaped in the manufacturing process and precisely aligned in the lenses, Smith polarized film perfectly matches the curvature of the lenses. Each Smith Optics Polarized lens is two thin lens wafers between which this high-grade polarized film is fitted, protecting it from the elements and ensuring distortion free polarization.
Techlite glass utilizes Smith Optics’ TLT (Tapered Lens Technology) Optics, a precision lens shaping process which attunes lens thickness on the nanoscopic level, tapering progressively from the center to the periphery to compensate for lens curvature, ensuring 100 percent distortion-free optics. On the water, the effect of this precision lens grind is apparent in the elimination of eye fatigue and the ability to see the fish your buddies are missing. 

To give the angler yet another edge, Smith Polarized fishing eyewear is built on the foundation that having the right tint can make the difference between seeing a trophy and missing the chance of a lifetime. Specialized tints like Polarized and Polarchromic Copper, Polarized and Polarchromic Brown, Polarchromic Amber and Polarized Green and Blue Mirror utilize specially engineered tints whose exact color properties have been vetted for subsurface color definition and contrast enhancing performance over the past two decades.
Smith Optics Techlite Polarchromic Glass lenses combine the benefits of polarization with UV sensitive self light adjusting lens tinting.  Polarchromic lenses automatically self-adjust their tint in response to ambient UV light conditions creating a tint level which is perfect at all hours of the day.

These lenses retain their polarchromic properties indefinitely, certainly outliving the life of the frame itself. Spanning a range of approximately 10  to 35 percent VLT (Visible Light Transmission), Polarchromic lenses need only 10 to 25 seconds to fully transform from light to dark depending on UV light intensity.  The result is a lens tint which is perfect at every moment of the day from dawn to dusk particularly at hours when the benefits of polarized are vital but the lens tint has to be just right.

All this, and a lifetime warranty.

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