Good Glasses

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

I'm a glasses guy, which means when I fish I need help to see where I'm casting...I've adopted a couple strategies: I have four pairs of sunglasses, each with different shades of polarizing...But then I got a call from Switch...I've worm their glasses for the past three months...These glasses have magnetic lens "switches," hense the name of the company...Their polarized rose lenses are among the best with which I've fished...Give 'em a shot...Here's what the company tells us:

"What makes Switch unique is that it uses small, powerful magnets embedded in both the lens and the frame so users can swap lenses in and out quickly and easily as light conditions and activities change. This means that performance-oriented and outdoor-active athletes will be able to see better and perform better, whatever their sport, and whatever the light conditions" explains David Chute, President and CEO and co-founder of Switch Vision. "Switch makes it easy to see right in every light."

Switch Vision views magnetic interchange lens technology as an entirely new category in sunglasses, and an entirely new way to think about sunwear. "For many people, one lens is not enough," says Chute. "Traditional fixed-lens sunglasses work well in some light conditions, but not others. He adds: "History shows that when consumers are given more and better options to help them see better, they take advantage of them."

Anthony P. DiChiara, chairman and co-founder of Switch Vision says the company has been perfecting their patent-pending magnetic interchange lens technology for more than three years. "We’ve spent a lot of time and money getting it right before bringing it to market. The company has also invested in researching and developing a broad selection of plano, Rx and reader lenses tailored to the needs of a sports performance audience."