Great White Story

Big fish story? Believe it...

  • By: Joe Healy
tony striper.jpg

Here I sit with a nice striped bass caught in the boat of my friend, Capt. Tony Biski. I've known Tony for about 15 years...Here's a fact: He's the best guide on outer Cape Cod. He will worry you to death about catching fish, he will take you to the ultimate'll have a great time fishing with him...

Joe Healy


“Close Call with Great White Shark off Monomoy Island”

Picture this…Dense fog off the tip of Monomoy Island, on outer Cape Cod, visibility about 200 feet, and we are fly-fishing for striped bass.

The first time we put the fly into the rip we had a vicious strike and it was fish on! As my client played the fish we drifted back into the rip taking waves over the motor (nothing new), as he eased the fish next to the boat after 10 minutes or so I grabbed the fly line and as I went for the leader death from below proposed onto my clients first striper.

It was a 12-foot Great White shark who viciously thrashed his tail and sprayed us both as he ran off with the fish. "What do I do,"  Olof said to me? I told him to let the shark run with it until he bites through the leader. Finally the line went slack and I told him to strip it in to see what was left. What was left was half of a 15 pund striped bass.

As it got closer to the boat six or seven feet, the great white leisurely swam over and exposed all of his teeth and cleaned up what he had left behind. Just an awesome moment out in the fog off Chatham fly-fishing for bass.

To fish with Capt. Tony Biski, call (508) 241-8669.