Redfish Can't Jump

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

The redfish (red drum) is the state fish of North Carlolina, but in a clear case of hurting the fish that we love, the state allows commercial harvest of the species—to an alarming degree. Netting, in particular, is indiscriminately hurting fish stocks. "Redfish Can't Jump" is a wake-up call on what's happening on the North Carolina coast; but it's also a homage to the grass-marsh way of life and a love song for these wonderful fish.

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The Facts

  • North Carolina’s commercial harvest of red drum provideds 97% of the total harvest of the species within the United States.
  • North Carolina’s total Commercial Profit from the sale of red drum from the years 1972-2007 $4,042,043.00. The total profit from recreational fishing targeting Red Drum in NC in 2004 alone was $50,000,000.00.
  • North Carolina gill nets have indiscriminately killed non-targeted species such as endangered sea turtles, waterfowl and other fish species.
  • Coastal anglers fishing in North Carolina in 2006 spent a total of $2.03 billion (the 5th highest total across the 23 coastal states). The $2.03 billion in expenditures generated $2.5 billion in total sales to businesses located in North Carolina, provided $780.8 million in personal income to workers in North Carolina, and supported 23,782 jobs in the state.