Tenkara Rods

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

From a press release sent by Tenkara USA:

"Based on our close relationship with tenkara masters in Japan, and on their honest feedback and use of our rods, we have just released our redesigned, best-selling tenkara rod. The Iwana Series II, still available in 11ft and 12ft lengths, features a much improved handle and small tweaks that will please new tenkara anglers in the US and is has met the strict demands of experienced tenkara anglers in Japan. This new release comes just in time for Christmas….

"The Iwana has been our best-selling rod, and redesigning something that is working so well is always a risk. However, this rod incorporates meticulous and important feedback from tenkara masters and anglers we met in Japan. The main focus of this release was the new handle design. The handle is a fundamental design element of a tenkara rod, it provides balance to the rod, and comfort for a day of constant casting and manipulating the fly. Our new design allows the angler to comfortably grip the rod in different positions, including the very end of the rod with a rounder finish, and at 3 different positions through the grip. This new release also features better quality cork, a longer handle and a redesigned metal cap that will not come loose while fishing. The rod can be found here: IWANA SERIES II. <http://www.tenkarausa.com/product_info.php/products_id/110> $147.95"