The Food Chain

My catch-and-release habit has been so reflexive for so many decades that it is difficult for me to accurately remember the battle of emotions I underwent to reach this point. But as near as I can recall, just prior to my C&R conversion the devil on my left shoulder was arguing strenuously against the

Snake River Victory

From American Rivers: American Rivers won an important legal action yesterday regarding our campaign to recover Snake River salmon and steelhead when federal district court judge James Redden ruled that NOAA Fisheries violated the Endangered Species Act. In

Enlightened Anglers Vs. Voices from the Dim Past

There is an effort and now a formal petition to return Maine's storied Kennebec River to bait fishing. Save for the East Outlet of Moosehead Lake, the Kennebec is not even fly-fishing-only. You can spinfish anywhere on the mainstem. You can

Sportfishing Coalition Lauds Improvements to Fisheries Bill by House Resources Committee

WASHINGTON  A coalition of leading recreational angling and conservation organizations welcomed today's action in the U.S. House of Representatives to advance an update of the country's most important marine fisheries law. The House Resources

Do We Need Saltwater Licenses?

Do We Need Saltwater Licenses? Only if we want the power to influence fisheries management BY TED WILLIAMS (FLY ROD & REEL APRIL 2005) The editor of this magazine dropped by for dinner and to talk about an article he wanted on why coastal states need saltwater

RFA Fighting Saltwater License Again

Just when the Recreational Fishing Alliance appeared to be bootstrapping itself toward respectability by voicing opposition to the proposed opening of the EEZ to striper exploitation it starts carping about saltwater licenses again. See my piece on saltwater

New Report Elevates Voice of Recreational Anglers in Magnuson-Stevens Act Debate

From: The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership New Report Elevates Voice of Recreational Anglers in Magnuson-Stevens Act Debate Research Shows Economic Importance of Recreational Fishing; Also Proves Value of Saltwater License WASHINGTON  A new

Salmon of the St. Lawrence Lakes

Salmon of the St. Lawrence Lakes by Ted Williams "Landlocks" weren't always those slender, dainty fish that snatch Gray Ghosts from prop wash or bend alder reflections as they sip dry flies. The extinct races of Atlantic salmon that inhabited

Feds Threaten Future of Striped Bass Fishery

From the Recreational Fishing Alliance. Great to see them on the opposite side of an issue from the dead-on-the-dock guys for once. Congrats REC! Feds Threaten Future of Striped Bass Fishery For the past fifteen years there has been a moratorium on the harvest

Court Urged to Invalidate Federal Plan for Upper Snake River Operations

From American Rivers: Declaring 2005 Biological Opinion in Violation of Endangered Species Act Would Force Basin-wide Analysis of Impact of Snake River Dams on Salmon Recovery Portland, OR -- A coalition of fishing businesses and conservation groups today asked