House Hearing on Marine Fisheries Bill a Critical Step as Legislative Clock Ticks

From The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership: Washington, DC  Marine fisheries and the14 million anglers that cast into the oceans each year are depending on Congress to pass an improved Magnuson-Stevens Fisheries Conservation and Management

VERMONT Sportsmen vs. The Northern Forest

The current crisis in the Moosehead region -- with the 14,000-member Sportsman's Alliance of Maine whooping it up for massive development of the Northern Forest by Plum Creek -- calls to mind the disturbing reaction to land conservation by some sportsmen

Splake Threaten Lake Superior Brookies

In light of recent efforts by friends and colleagues in Maine to limit the stocking of splake, the following piece may be of interest. One particular point that should be noted: In the West splake are used to CONTROL overabundant, stunted, alien brook trout:

Golden Rule Comes to the North Woods

Here are the remarks of Jon Lund -- avid and accomplished hunter and angler, Maine's former attorney general and publisher of New England's biggest outdoor periodical, the *Maine Sportsman* -- delivered to the board of the Sportsman's Alliance

Fisheries Currents

Science news from the American Fisheries Society Issue 2, April 2006 Welcome to the second edition of Fisheries Currents, a digest of newsmaking fisheries science articles from the journals of the American Fisheries Society. Each issue, highlighted articles

Removing Dams (from Consideration)

The Endangered Species Act does not mandate recovery; it mandates a recovery plan. NOAA Fisheries spokesman Brian Gorman Removing Dams (from Consideration) By Ted Williams In the minds of grazers, farmers, irrigators, hydro-power producers,

2006 Ocean Salmon Season Stays Open in California

For Immediate Release ASA - Gordon Robertson, 703-519-9691, [email protected] ASA Northern Calif. - Dick Pool, 925-825-8560, [email protected] Coastside Fishing Club - Bob Franco, 650-726-1666, [email protected] Anglers'

Bass in the Burbs

  • By: Chad Mason

How to find largemouths in your backyard

A Cautionary Tale

  • By: Ted Williams

Rogue ranchers threaten Western trout water

Wind About Wind

Wind power is a splendid idea -- but only in the right place Wind Advisory By Ted Williams There is little debate that the United States must overcome its addiction to finite, polluting, globe-warming fossil fuels. So here's a proposal for a cheap, renewable,