Madam Secretary. How could you?

My response to Secretary Norton follows her press release below: For Immediate Release Contact: Hugh Vickery March 23, 2006 202-208-6416 NORTON NAMES 12 TO NEW SPORTING CONSERVATION COUNCIL; WILL ADVISE INTERIOR ON HUNTING, WILDLIFE RESOURCE ISSUES (COLUMBUS,

The Endangered Species Act in Maine

Rumors of the state's economic demise were greatly exaggerated…Have Salmon Endangered Maine? by Ted Williams In 2000, when the last populations of Atlantic salmon in the US were protected under the Endangered Species Act, politicians and industry lobbies

Smokies Opens Park Streams to Brook Trout Fishing

A big story for GRSM fisheries…thanks to all who helped us with the brook trout study, restoring brook trout, and providing all the other information necessary to be able to make the decision to open the fishery. Matt Kulp Fishery Biologist Great Smoky


ARE STRIPED BASS IN GOOD SHAPE? The 2004 stock assessment says so, but… By Captain John McMurray Striped bass are exceptionally important to New York and New Jersey anglers and the businesses that they support. That's why many of us raised our eyebrows

Hunting Bears With Bait

Bad News Bear Hunters How can there be a "thrill of the chase" when there's no chase? By Ted Williams If animal rights outfits were to design a scheme for depicting hunters as stupid, lazy, and cruel, they couldn't come up with anything more effective

Natural Allies

Natural Allies From Sierra Sept.-Oct. 1996 If only hunters, anglers, and environmentalists would stop taking potshots at each other, they'd be an invincible force for wildlands protection. by Ted Williams Every spring, when cowslips blaze yellow in Meadow Brook

A Plague on All Your Forests

  • By: Ted Williams

Country roads may 'take you home,' but logging roads ruin rivers

What You Can See on March 13

From Audubon's Earth Almanac by Ted Williams and compiled in "Wild Moments," edited by Connie Isbell, Illustrations by John Burgoyne, Storey Publishing, 174 pages. Muskrat Love In every contiguous state and north to Arctic tundra, muskrats

The Wise-Use Movement

Thanks to Boone for his thoughtful comments on and useful link re. the Wise-Use Movement (see thread under "Do You Have a ‘Right' to Hunt and Fish"). He reminds me that the following piece I did for Harrowsmith County Life may be of interest.