Jim Terrett

  • By: Edward Bauchiero

From Massachusetts, A Real American Hero

Salmon Shell Game

  • By: Ted Williams

Suddenly the feds can't tell wild salmonids from obese, stump-finned hatchery clones

A Maine Original

  • By: Kathy Scott

Greg Ponte and I had 12 kids practicing roll casts on a May afternoon in Maine. When my three toughest students threw in the towel, I knew they wouldn't get off that easily. I glanced across the pond and watched Greg Ponte work his magic on them. He studied the trio, now sitting against the brick wall

Coal-Country Trout

  • By: Ted Williams

Fish don't have to be just another coal-industry waste product

A Vampire Story

  • By: Ted Williams

... Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the lamprey

Environmentalists Vs. Native Trout

  • By: Ted Williams

Knee-jerk environmentalism is endangering many of our vanishing species

Anglers And Air Pollution

  • By: Ted Williams

Why we should be upset over the Bush Administration's gutting of the Clean Air Act

Saving the North Woods

  • By: Ted Williams

Nothing like this has ever been attempted anywhere.

A Policy for Oceans

  • By: Ted Williams

Suddenly There Is Hope for Marine Fish

'Darth Vader' vs. Native Fish

  • By: Ted Williams

Topics: "Is Plum Creek Timber Company's ""HCP"" (habitat conservation plan) with the feds a good thing?"