Amy's, My Wife, Big Catch

Amy's, My Wife, Big Catch

She caught this in a private body of water in Northwest Georgia.

Brook Trout September '09

Brook Trout September '09

The Healing Waters of Belize

  • By: Ceamus McDermott

"The turquoise waters of the Caribbean bonefish flats were something that most of us only saw on TV or in magazines…yet here was Dave on the phone with an amazing opportunity, bonefishing in Belize."

The Approach

  • By: Galen Mercer
  • Photography by: Greg Thomas
  • Illustrations by: Galen Mercer
Galen Mercer Fishing.jpg

Stealthy tactics will ensure more hookups with larger trout this summer. You just have to watch your...approach.

Angler's Journal

  • By: Greg Thomas

Returning home to catch sea-run cutthroat trout in Puget Sound...