Fisheries Management

Dam Stupid

  • By: Ted Williams

When it comes to the "new" Columbia/Snake salmon plan, the courts have had it with federal arrogance.

$6.2 Million Will Go to 38 Native American Projects in 18 States for

Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorne today announced more than $6.2
million in grants will go to 38 Native American projects in 18 states to
fund a wide range of conservation

Are Stripers Doing as Well as ASMFC Claims?

Recently the Atlantic States

Ballast water brings in new invaders

Ballast water brings in new invaders as

Angling Retains its Mainstream Appeal and Broad Economic Impact

  • By: Ted Williams

Despite competition for time and access, fishing is still an economic powerhouse Alexandria, VA - September 26, 2007 - Despite competition from video games and other similar activities and increased urbanization, recreational angling remains one of the largest outdoor recreational activities in the nation

More Puffing and Blowing from the RFA

  • By: Ted Williams

Here goes the RFA again trying to whip up fear, loathing and paranoia with warnings about drinking the "Kool-Aid of the anti-fishing environmental groups." If there's an "anti-fishing environmental group," I've not heard of it and I am way more in touch with the environmental community