Belizean Black Magic

  • By: James Butler

Topics: Fly-fishing Belize Location(s): "Turneffe atoll, Belize, Central America"

Chile's Saltwater Rainbows

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Topics: Fishing for rainbows in Chile Fish: "rainbows trout, coho salmon" Location(s): "Chile, South America"

The Bi-Yak Summit

  • By: Silvio Calabi

Topics: "testing out the new Bi-Yak boat in North Park, Colorado" Location(s): "North Park, Colorado"

the best-laid plans

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Topics: Fishing for shad on the Connecticut River Fish: "shad, striper" Location(s): "Connecticut, Massachusetts" Water(s): Connecticut River

Dirty Dozens

  • By: Ted Williams

Topics: Politics and the environment


  • By: Paul Guernsey

Topics: "behind the scenes of the filming of ""Joan Wulff's Dynamics of Fly Casting"""

The Disaster That Didn't Happen

  • By: Ted Williams

Topics: The 104th congress and what they did for the environment

A Huck Finn Fantasy

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Topics: Floating Montana's Smith River Fish: "brown trout, rainbow trout" Location(s): Montana Water(s): Smith River

Top Ten & Best Of Show

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Topics: "Best new products of the 1996 International Fly Tackle Dealer Show (Charlton 8550C Large Arbor Configurable Reel System, Scott STS Saltwater rods, Simms Activent Shell, Marc Petitjean MP Fishing Vest, Winston 5-piece LT Trout rods, Green River Jade rods, Renzetti Tube Fly Vise, Edgin Hair Snare,

Getting the points

  • By: James Butler

Topics: 1996 New Zealand One-Fly competition Fish: Trout Location(s): New Zealand Water(s): "Gowan River, Buller River, The Pelorus, Motueka River, Wairau, Hurunui"