Dark Vision

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Topics: Night fishing and night vision technology Fish: Brown trout Location(s): Maine

Strip Rip Cretin

  • By: Ted Williams

Topics: "fishing Andros Island, Bahamas for bonefish" Fish: Bonefish Location(s): "Andros Island, Bahamas"

Manhattan Odyssey

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Topics: "destination, travel, New York, manhattan, " Fish: "Striped Bass, Stripers, Largemouth Bass" Location(s): "New York, NYC, NY" Water(s): "Central Park, East River, New York Harbor"

Tackle Talk

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Topics: "Orvis, Fly rods, MVR, Maximum Vibration Reduction, Trident"

Is the Striper Cooked Again?

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Topics: "striped bass, stripers, federal regulations, commercial fishing, size limits" Fish: "striped bass, stripers"

Congress's Dirty Dozens

  • By: Ted Williams

Topics: "Congress, Congressional Sportsmen's Caucus, Big Three Magazines, Outdoor Life, Sports Afield, Field&Stream, outdoor magazines, Vin Sparano, Don Young, David Rockland, Times Mirror Conservation Council, Mike Hayden, Endangered Species Act, "

Whirling Disease Hits Montana

  • By: Paul Guernsey

Topics: "Whiling disease, Montana, Madison River, rainbow trout, " Fish: "rainbow trout, brown trout, " Location(s): "Montana, Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone " State Sector: "Southwest, SW " Water(s): Madison River

Miramachi Journal

  • By: James Butler

Topics: "Atlantic salmon, Miramichi River, Pond's Resort, McKiel Brook, " Location(s): "New Brunswick, Canada" Water(s): "Miramichi River, " Flypattern(s): Bomber

Those dixie reds

  • By: James Butler

Topics: "redfish, South Carolina, Charleston, " Fish: "reds, redfish " Location(s): South Carolina Water(s): Atlantic Ocean

Christmas Island

  • By: Val Atkinson

Topics: "Christmas Island, Bonefish, Lefty Kreh, Sage, Cortland, Patagonia, Carey Marcus" Fish: "bonefish, trevally "