Coata Rica Sailfish

  • By: Val Atkinson

Topics: "Travel, Fishing destinations, photo essay"

Four-Weights on Parade

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Topics: Four weight rods

Don't Blame Congress

  • By: Ted Williams

Topics: Politicians and the environment

The Blind Splice

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Topics: Splicing lines

Emmett Heath The Guide of the Year

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Topics: "the guide of the year 1992, Emmett Heath"

The 1992 Sticklebacks

  • By: Ted Williams

Topics: "Barry Reiswig, John Mumma, John Turner, Lorraine Mintzmyer, Jack Ward Thomas, Jeff DeBonis" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Brodin, Weinbrenner, Ross Gunnison, Evets, Spirit river"

Kudos 1992

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Topics: "Brodin landing nets, Weinbrenner wading shoes, Ross Gunnison Reels, Evets Travel-ty, dubbing dispenser "

Catch & Release Texas-Style

  • By: James Butler

Topics: "Travel, Fishing destinations" Fish: Largemouth Bass Location(s): "Texas, TX" Water(s): Purtis Creek Reservoir

Dreaming of a Turquoise Christmas

  • By: Ted Williams

Topics: "Travel, Fishing destinations" Fish: Bonefish Location(s): Christmas Island

To Build A Fly Rod

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Topics: "rod building, Bamboo rods"