Saifish School

  • By: Jerry Gibbs
  • Photography by: Jerry Gibbs
Jake Jordan

“First thing you got to know is that you never touch the fly line,” Jake Jordan tells his sailfish-school students. “If you keep touching it, then I go below deck and come out in my nun’s outfit and crack your knuckles bloody with a ruler.”

Back Into New Zealand

  • By: Cathy Beck
  • and Barry Beck
  • Photography by: Cathy Beck
  • and Barry Beck
Back Into New Zealand        

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New Zealand’s South Island is a trout hunter’s dream. In this land of big fish and gin-clear water, Kiwi guides tell you to forget large numbers of fish caught—it won’t happen here. There can be zero-fish days that are thrilling, as you may spend hours stalking a 10-plus-pound brown trout that refuses every offering until it finally “stiffens” as Kiwis say about fish that are off the feed. No matter; we’re here, after all, to test ourselves against the best trout in the world. A friend presented a perfect toast at the end of a New Zealand journey when he simply said “To the Everest of trout fishing.”

WEB BONUS: Running the Dean

  • By: Greg Thomas

Lodge information about BC West, from Greg Thomas' feature "Running the Dean" in the Winter 2010-2011 issue of Fly Rod & Reel, on sale now...

Patagonia North

  • By: Jerry Gibbs

Touring Chilean Patagonia's trout-saturated Aysen region. “Okay, you’ve heard the hype—every fish in the river’s rising when the hoppers are on; but it’s true. And the number of fish you’ll catch is, well, obscene."

Letter From Mongolia

  • By: Peter Fong

Fishing for the all-time heavyweight trout cousin, the taimen…"It attacked like a crocodile, the water pushing up and over its head in a standing wave."

Deep Into Shallow Water

  • By: Thomas Keer
052turq fishing boat.jpg

"I climbed aboard Wendy’s skiff and we headed out. Wendy’s been guiding at DWC for nearly 30 years, and he took me to a variety of flats all within a short run of the dock."

Trip-Planning 2010

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel
pb rh permit 13a 72 dpi lr.jpg

The low-down on trip planning to Mexico, the Bahamas and New Zealand from now through autumn and the holiday season.

Fly fishing in the Northwest Territories

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel
Fly fishing in the northwest territories.

"Arctic char can be found in rivers along the north coast of the Northwest Territories and on the Arctic islands. Char are feisty fighters and commonly range in size from 5 to 7 lbs, although fish weighing 15 lbs are common in some NWT rivers..."

Peacocks in the Agua Boa

  • By: James Prosek
  • Photography by: Val Atkinson
Peacock Bassd.jpg

"On my first day fishing the Agua Boa, an upper tributary of the Amazon River in Brazil, I learned that a peacock bass is not like a largemouth bass..."

40 Years of Fishing Travel

  • By: Tom Keer

Since the company’s founding in 1969, Frontiers International Travel has opened up some of the world’s most exciting fishing destinations.