My Stories from Utah

The Gift

  • By: Maximilian Werner
big bow.jpg

"We could see the snow storm drifting east of us and I thought about the people out that way and what they were in for. The sky was still thick with clouds, though, and I was struck by their vastness and how they changed the feel of the place."

In My Hands

  • By: Maximilian Werner

Fishing with a Hexagraph fly rod..."Lately and with the help of a Hexagraph fly rod...I have begun to understand how a high-performance rod can improve an angler’s orientation to the sport."

The Initiate

  • By: Maximilian Werner

"Nole was a few yards up and across the stream from me. He yelled something I could not quite hear and then plunged his hands into the dark autumn water. In one fluid motion he scooped a three-pound brown out of the stream and into the grass behind him."


  • By: Maximilian Werner

"The approach to the Strawberry is one of the prettiest I have seen: The thin path to the river leads into a stand of cottonwoods that are probably older than me and Metcalf combined."


  • By: Maximilian Werner

"I try not to fish on weekends, but on this particular Saturday I had been grading papers all morning and I seriously needed a change of perspective."