Creative Solutions

  • By: Tom Keer

From 1929 to today, Winston has based its business on designing and building quality fly rods for specific angling situations.

New Gear

The Bauer Rogue is a useful and intelligent design from a company already notable for high quality large arbor reels

March 2008: Bauer's Rogue Reel, new tying vises and material

The 2008 Kudo Awards


Once again, it's the time of year when the staff of FR&R gets together with some of the magazine's contributors to select those pieces of gear that deserve to be recognized with a Kudo Award...

Putting It All Together

  • By: Paul Guernsey
  • and Buzz Bryson

Assembling a rod; what is 'modulus' anyway; and booting up

$15,000 Fly Rod

Here's your chance to own a piece of history