Cause And Effect

  • By: Buzz Bryson
  • and Paul Guernsey

I'll occasionally see a reference to "overlining" or "underlining" a rod. What is the practical effect of casting a line one line-weight heavier than the rod is designated for? And what is the effect of casting a line one size smaller than the rod? The answer depends not only on the designated weights

The Callibaetis Spinner

  • By: A. K. Best

The preferred food of finicky fish

Easy Wulff Wings

  • By: A. K. Best

Finally, a solution to the tedium of tying with calftail

Crippled Cranflies

  • By: A. K. Best

Topics: "Little Yellow Cranefly (Wet), Brown Cranefly (Wet)" Flypattern(s): "Little Yellow Cranefly (Wet), Brown Cranefly (Wet)"

From Paris: The Parasol Emerger

  • By: Darrel Martin

Topics: "Tying the Parasol (L'Ombrelle), The Orange Quill Emerger" Flypattern(s): "The Parasol Emerger, The Orange Quill Emerger"

Trout Tubes

  • By: Darrel Martin

Topics: "the Wet Winged Caddis, the Wet Winged Damp Caddis, the Wet Winged Caddis body with soft hackle, Stonefly Nymph, Popper (with removable head) Dyna-King Tube Fly Vise, HMH Tube Fly and accessories, Evergreen Scale Models. Reference: Tube Flies: A Tying&Historic Guide (Mark Mandell and Les Johnson:

The Red Quill Parachute

  • By: A. K. Best

Topics: The Red Quill Parachute is a marvelous searching pattern Flypattern(s): Red Quill Parachute

Parachute Patterns Part II

  • By: Darrel Martin

Topics: "The Parachute Pupa, Mounting and Wrapping the Standard Parachute, The Lemhi Parachute Post Method, The Posted Hook Method (the Single Wire Post), The Expanded Parachute: The Double Post Method"

Olive Quill Duns

  • By: A. K. Best

Topics: Blue-Wing Olive Pattern Flypattern(s): Blue-Wing Olive Pattern Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Bite Footwear,Cabela's, Chota, Dan Bailey, Hodgman, L.L. Bean, Korkers, Orvis, Patagonia, Redington, Simms"

Parachute Patterns Part I

  • By: Darrel Martin

Topics: "The Barlow Gallows (stem-loop) Method, the Self-Parachutes, The parachute Emerger (the Barlow Method)" Flypattern(s): "The Barlow Gallows (stem-loop) Method, the Self-Parachutes, The parachute Emerger (the Barlow Method)"