The Trout Ring

  • By: Jeremie Hollman
Hooked up to an Elk River bull trout

An encounter with a bull trout leads to a disappointing midcurrent loss.

Staying on Top

  • By: Darrel Martin
Modern flotants include pastes  gels  liquids  powders  beads and fumes

Keep your flies floating where the fish want them by using today's flotants in the most effective ways.

The Winged Beetle

  • By: A. K. Best

Every beetle I've ever seen on the water has its wing tips visible just behind the shell back halves. This usually amounts to about 25 percent of the insect's total silhouette. Yet all the beetle patterns I see in catalogs and in fly shops have no wing tips showing. I think it's

Wye's Drift Indicator for Nymph Fishing

  • By: Yasuo Wye Yoshida
Learn quot the perfect world quot drift scenario with Wye s Drift Indicator

Begin perfecting the dead drift with this breakthrough new fly-fishing system.