Family Matters

  • By: Chad Mason

Our man on the road accepts the family-vacation challenge, works in some fishing and bests a few Colorado trout in the process. Here’s how.

Searching for a Slam in Xcalak

  • By: Will Rice

"I called Scott Heywood at Angling Destinations (the guru of undiscovered fishing spots) who suggested going to Xcalak and a lodge called Costa de Cocos. Xcalak (pronounced in the Mayan as “ish kalak”) lies just inside Mexico’s border with Belize and has always been one of those fabled places on the outer edges of the map. "

Peacocks in the Agua Boa

  • By: James Prosek
  • Photography by: Val Atkinson
Peacock Bassd.jpg

"On my first day fishing the Agua Boa, an upper tributary of the Amazon River in Brazil, I learned that a peacock bass is not like a largemouth bass..."

Mousing Around in Alaska

  • By: Greg Thomas

Unforgettable is the way anglers describe a good day of mousin’ when big rainbows rise to the surface, often in a splashy, all or nothing style; these fish aren’t just trying to sip in a mouse, like a Montana rainbow might lip-kiss a PMD, they’re trying to kill it. They have to react that way because Alaska provides some of the harshest winter conditions in the world and those fish need every ounce of protein they can get.

40 Years of Fishing Travel

  • By: Tom Keer

Since the company’s founding in 1969, Frontiers International Travel has opened up some of the world’s most exciting fishing destinations.

Fishing Travel Experts

  • By: Thomas Keer
  • Photography by: Barry Beck
Joe Codd of Frontiers International Travel

Call Frontiers International Travel to plan a trip of a lifetime, and you may find yourself wondering how the voice on the phone got this great job and what they've learned about fishing travel.

Belize Facts

  • By: Jim Klug
Belize Anglers.jpg

If you take the advice from author Jim Klug in the June 2009 feature "Total Belize" and travel to this beautiful coastal nation this year, here are a few facts to remember...

Total Belize

  • By: Jim Klug

A lodge by lodge roundup of the best places in Belize for fly-fishers to experience the flats

Let's Go Tarpon Fishing!

  • By: Joe Healy
Tarpon head.jpg

One of the great challenges of fly-rodding is feeding a fly to these awesome flats fish. Join Fly Rod & Reel Magazine on this year's Reader & Writer Adventure down to the Lower Florida Keys, June 27 to July 1. Learn from some of the top guides in the Keys, and spend time with FR&R Editors....

New Zealand…Living Up To Its Reputation

  • By: Doug Monnig

"As the helicopter cleared the ridge between peaks, the aerial view of the South Island river basin laid out before me was breathtaking. It was as if we were entering a lost world—one with only mountains, native beech forest and incredibly beautiful streams for as far as the eye could see. A few minutes later, we were flying up the narrow valley of a tributary stream off the main river."