Fiji Fly-Fishing

  • By: Cam Sigler Jr.
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"I cast my fly behind the boat and started stripping only to find that the short right rod was bending double and everyone else occupied."

Yeah, That's Canyon Fishing

  • By: Lawrence Hollins
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If we were going to hit the hatch of the Pteronarcys californica, I knew I’d need the power to get that salmonfly into the legendary holes of the Gunnison River...Apparently, my fiberglass beauty had been replaced by graphite many years ago, and my beloved Powell is more akin to a bamboo rod than what is used today.

Travel Insurance and fly-fishing updates


When you consider that a week-long trip to Montana might have a total value of $2,500, after factoring in transportation and lodging costs, and deposits with guides, a $100 to $200 insurance policy is cheap protection for your vacation in case things go awry. And things do go awry, just ask the experts.

Gilded Treasure

  • Photography by: Brian Grossenbacher

Hunting dorado in Argentina.

Top 10 Trout Towns

  • By: Greg Thomas
Ennis, Montana, is one of the top trout towns...

The best of the Northern Rockies...

Meditation on Mill Creek

  • By: Maximilian Werner
Mill Creek

The only place along our route where the creek has not been hemmed in by homes and fences...

Blue-winged Olives

  • By: John Gierach

FOR MOST OF A DECADE I REFUSED to bring a fly rod on the annual elk hunt. That’s because my friends Ed, DeWitt and I hunt too conveniently in the headwaters of the Frying Pan River in western Colorado, about a forty-minute drive upstream from the Gold Medal water below Ruedi Dam. We’re there

Autumn Days in the Bay

  • By: Tom Keer

Whenever folks ask me where I live, I adopt my best body-builder pose, arm curled tight, and point just below my wrist on the inside of my forearm. My anatomical reference is to Wellfleet, on outer Cape Cod. Everyone laughs, but the biggest cackles come from Michiganders because they know what it's like to chart geography on a body part. (Michigan is known as the Mitten because of its resemblance to the hand shoe.) But, then again, they may just find humor in the fact that I need to hit the gym and grunt out a few hundred more bicep curls.But no gym time for me now because it's fall on the Cape and that's fishing time. Vacation crowds leave in droves around Labor Day, and we anglers have the entire sandbar to ourselves. There are few vehicles waiting at red lights and beach parking lots are virtually empty (and non-permit parking is generally allowed). Vehicles with bike racks disappear and are replaced by rigs with rod racks. By Columbus Day, the restaurants are closed, and it becomes increasingly difficult to get a cup of coffee or some junk food to chow on in between midnight fishing trips.


  • By: Maximilian Werner

The 2008 Robert Traver Fly-Fishing Writing Award 2nd Place Story: "Last summer I invited death to go fishing on the Weber River. On the way there we listened to Morning Edition on NPR. The stories were sadly familiar: A suicide bomber killed himself and 40 other men, women and children in a market in Baghdad; two American soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb that had been stuffed into the chest of a dead dog; the body of a missing college girl was found inside her car in a river near her home town."

Summer Sunset

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer
Call me a Trout Bum

Signing off from a summer's worth of fishing fun in Yellowstone National Park.