7.75 lb Rainbow on the Whakapapa River, N. Island NZ

7.75 lb Rainbow on the Whakapapa River, N. Island NZ

With guide Fishy Steve out of Taupo.

Giant Bow

Giant Bow

One of my college roomates and his Giant Bow he caught out West in Wyoming...Yikes!

Giant 'Bow Of The Water

Giant 'Bow Of The Water I Caught This 29 inch, 8.8 pound Rainbow on a Bead-Head Woolly Bugger, It is my biggest fish on a fly rod yet and will probably be for a while.

Night of the Hex

  • By: John Gierach
202742_Rod and Reel_print.jpg

Big bugs bring big expectations.

Meditation on Mill Creek

  • By: Maximilian Werner
Mill Creek

The only place along our route where the creek has not been hemmed in by homes and fences...

Fish, Family and Friends

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer

Week 8: The salmonflies show up on the Madison just as friends and family arrive.

Off the Beaten Path

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer
A salmonfly pattern fools a Yellowstone River cutthroat

Week 7: Exploring the Eastern End of Yellowstone

A Belated Birthday Gift

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer
A birthday wish come true

It was a day on which I envisioned landing a 21-inch fish in commemoration of my birthday.

No Walk in the Park

  • By: Steven Spigelmyer
Casting in a blizzard on June

Week 3: Cold, wet, rainy... but there are still fish to be caught in the Yellowstone region.

The CDC Detached Body Mayfly

  • By: Barry Ord Clarke
CDC Detached Body Mayfly

From Europe comes an inventive mayfly pattern with an easy-to-make extended body and a floats-like-a-cork CDC wing.