Val Atkinson

R. Valentine Atkinson is an internationally acclaimed and much-published photographer specializing in fly-fishing lifestyle and travel worldwide. His assignments have taken him to 29 countries. He divides his work between advertising, corporate and editorial photography and is published in most major fishing and outdoor magazines regularly.

He has been the staff photographer for Frontiers International Travel for 18 years and operates his own stock photo library with 80,000 images on file. He studied commercial art and photography at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. And he's a contributing editor to Fly Rod & Reel.

Val is the proud author of four books: Distant Waters, Trout and Salmon, The Greatest Flyfishing Around the World and most recently Friends on the Water. He was recently inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame.

"In the last year or so it's occurred to me that in today's world of endless living color, there might be an interest for a return to black and white imagery. Somehow black and white seems like a timeless, classic quality one step removed from reality. It's softer and more gentle than color, leaving room for quiet contemplation."
Val Atkinson

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