A FAble Of Foibles; Nymphing I and II

  • By: John Merwin
  • and Angus Cameron

Topics: My Moby Dick (William Humphery); Nymphing: A Basic Book (Gary Borger); The Masters of the Nymph ( MIchael Migel and Leonard M. Wright)


  • By: John Merwin

The profile of Lefty Kreh.


  • By: John Merwin

Topics: Tackle influences on magazine publications

Two-Cent Tips

  • By: John Merwin

Topics: 500 Fishing Experts and How They Catch Fish ( Vlad Evanoff)


  • By: Silvio Calabi

Topics: "Waders, wader selection, wader developement" Dealer/Manufacturer(s): "Ranger, Royal Red Ball, Converse/Hodgeman, Von Schegell, Gra-lite, Texsport, Olympic, O'Neill, Polar Bear, Seal-Dri"