Steelhead and Wind Knots

  • By: Peter Harrison

"I had fished the Hoh River for more than 10 years and, despite spending at least 14 days a year walking its wild and tumbling course, I had never caught a single steelhead in all that time. For me, fishing is more of a Zen thing..."

Credit to Chouinard

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel
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Patagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard takes his conservation message to a national audience through an American Express commercial. Take a minute out of your day to appreciate the man's example:

Go to School—In the Keys

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Improve your skills and get to the next level of saltwater fly-fishing at one of the best fly-fishing schools in the country. It doesn't suck that it's also in Islamorada, in the beautiful Florida Keys...and that you will learn to cast from Chico Fernandez.

The Initiate

  • By: Maximilian Werner

"Nole was a few yards up and across the stream from me. He yelled something I could not quite hear and then plunged his hands into the dark autumn water. In one fluid motion he scooped a three-pound brown out of the stream and into the grass behind him."

GoFishn for Fishing Community Connections

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

See Fly Rod & Reel's page on, angling's community connection—plus, guide updates and new posts daily. If you like Facebook, you'll be right at home at GoFISHn...

Searching for a Slam in Xcalak

  • By: Will Rice

"I called Scott Heywood at Angling Destinations (the guru of undiscovered fishing spots) who suggested going to Xcalak and a lodge called Costa de Cocos. Xcalak (pronounced in the Mayan as “ish kalak”) lies just inside Mexico’s border with Belize and has always been one of those fabled places on the outer edges of the map. "

Boat Show Best Bet

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Stop by the Miami Boat Show this weekend—meet FR&R Salt Water Columnist Chico Fernandez and see Hell's Bay great new boats designed for shallow-water fishing...and fly fisher's needs.

LL Bean Pocket Water Jacket

  • By: Ted Leeson

"I had a chance to field-test this jacket for a few days, and it functioned remarkably well, sealing out water during the brief immersions that are often part of a day’s fishing."

Savage Gods...

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

"Savage Gods, Silver Ghosts: In the Wild with Ted Hughes," a highly readable and entertaining new book by Ehor Boyanowsky. Fishing in B.C.’s wilderness fuels the bonds of friendship between the author and literary giant Ted Hughes.

The Musky Chronicles

  • By: Fly Rod and Reel

Footage unlike any we've seen to date…catching muskies on flies. You don't have to be from the Midwest to appreciate this, my friends…Lee Church delivers some compelling movie clips…